Tango Piano Level 1

Introducing our captivating online course on Tango Piano Mastery! Have you ever dreamed of immersing yourself in the enchanting world of Tango music? Look no further, as this course is designed to take you from a complete beginner to a confident Tango pianist in no time. With a comprehensive curriculum that covers every aspect of Tango arrangement, from harmony and theory to orchestration techniques, left hand mastery, and melodic phrasing, you'll develop a solid foundation while unlocking the secrets of this passionate genre. Throughout the course, you'll delve into the intricacies of ten handpicked Tangos, including mesmerising instrumentals, soul-stirring songs, an exquisite vals, and an exhilarating milonga. Whether you aspire to shine as a soloist or enchant as an accompanist, we've got you covered. To enhance your learning experience, we provide professionally crafted backing tracks and convenient downloadable PDFs. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a musical journey filled with rhythm, expression, and the allure of Tango. Enroll now and let your piano skills dance to the irresistible beats of Tango!

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40 Videos

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48 Downloadable PDFs


3 Time-based Routines

3 Modules

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1) Learn the theory and technique of Tango

Acquire a deep understanding of the essential elements that constitute authentic Tango, empowering you to arrange, perform, and compose this genre effectively.
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2) Learn to Arrange for Piano Solo

Through exploring various types of Tangos, Milongas, and Waltzes, we will develop skills to navigate diverse situations in a solo setting. This knowledge is transferable to other music styles as well.
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3) Learn Accompaniment techniques for Ensemble

By delving into different types of Tangos, Milongas, and Waltzes, we will cultivate the ability to adapt and excel in various solo musical contexts. This knowledge extends beyond Tango and can be applied to other music styles as well.
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4) Practice Tracks to all Tangos

Each Tango will be performed using a Bandoneon and a metronome, allowing you to practice your accompaniment techniques. This will enable you to play alongside any other musicians seamlessly.

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Meet the Instructors

Victor Nocelli
Victor Nocelli is a senior piano professor, graduated from the "Carlos Morel" Fine Arts School. He has performed in various tango groups as a pianist, director, and arranger. He has toured Latin America, Europe, and Asia with tango, as well as performed in the milonga circuit in Buenos Aires. He has acted alongside true legends of tango such as Alberto Podesta and Ernesto Baffa. Currently, he works as a piano professor, arranger, and transcriber for orchestras from the 1940s, and is the accompanying pianist for the youth and adult choir of the O.E.F.V.

Tomas Iglesias
Tomas Iglesias is a Music Composer, Arranger and Orchestrator.
He holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition from the University of Auckland and has undertaken studies in Harmony, Counterpoint and Fugue, Orchestration, Piano and Continuo.
Additionally he is a registered Piano and Music Theory teacher at the New Zealand Modern School of Music.

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