Tango Orchestral Transcriptions - Francisco Canaro Vol. 1

The series "Transcriptions" brings together scores from the great orchestras of the golden age of tango, adapted for quintet (2 violins, bandoneón, piano, and double bass).

It is an essential resource for any tango ensemble, whether for milongas or concert performances. Whether starting a new project or expanding repertoire, these transcriptions can easily be adapted for smaller or larger formations, faithfully reflecting the original works.

These new corrected and revised editions include:
-General score
-Rehearsal guides
-Individual Parts tailored to the musician's needs on stage (no more than 3 pages)
-Correction of enharmonic.

A valuable resource for Performers, Composers, Conductors and Tango enthusiast!

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67 Pages

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4 Tangos

Full Orchestral Score

Individual Parts

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